A participant of the CEO Sail & Lead marked you as a very important relation.

We want to make this trip unforgettable for the both of you. Therefore, we need your unvarnished opinion. (This remains confidential.) We’re looking for an anecdote that says a lot about the participant. Something you will always remember, might frustrate you and why. This will be a beautiful example of core strength, but also pitfalls of the participant.

Please, write about about the context/setting to clearly understand, since we weren’t there. 😉 Lots of thanks!

Need tips & tricks?

Tip 1: Write sincerely, from your own experience/the bottom of your heart. If it makes you smile/cry, this is it!

Tip 2: Not so creative? Use the STAR method to sketch everything:
the Situation preceding what happened
the Task at hand to be executed
the Action that has been taken
the Result

Tip 3: State what made you laugh/cry. What Action would you have taken and what would have been the Result?

Forget the tips & tricks and just start writing. 😉 Thanks a lot!